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Tako Magazine

Tako Magazine is a blog that wants to tell Japan through the words of those who live this wonderful country from the inside, from the cosmopolitan metropolis of Tokyo. The passion for Japanese culture (and all its variations). Through experiences, but also mistakes, a wealth of knowledge has been developed from which every user can draw. Here, in fact, you can find news articles, insights into the Japanese language, travel tips and cultural pills on the East, as well as lots of news on what is happening in the land of the Rising Sun. All this and much more is Tako Magazine.
Logo Tako Magazine definitivo creato da Daniele Fumanti Design
Logo Tako Magazine creato da Daniele Fumanti Design

Concept Logo

Tako Magazine’s Logo had to represent the famous Japanese Tako in a not too playful but still iconic way. A grid made up of circles was used for its construction, to make everything as harmonious and precise as possible.

The Blog

The UI used for the creation of the blog is intended to make the user experience as simple and complete as possible. The prevalence of light colors and well-defined Call To Action give greater functionality without tiring the reading of the articles.
Sezione Articoli Tako Magazine versione Desktop creata da Daniele Fumanti Design
Sezione Articoli Mobile creata da Daniele Fumanti Design

Mobile Friendly

The blog was designed primarily to be used on mobile devices. The Ui in fact manages to adapt to real devices without compromising the user experience.