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The graphic design studio aimed to create the graphic identity of the Omegrana company and being able to create a mood capable of being transferred to all its products and media. In this project everything revolves around a particular subject: the pomegranate and the oil obtained from its seeds, with which the “Omega 5 pure” supplement is produced.
Logo Omegrana
The logo concept was born from the union of the company’s characteristic elements: the letter O, the shape of the pomegranate and the drop of pomegranate seed oil. As regards the choice of colors, bright shades of red tending to pink (pomegranate color itself) were used. Once the logo was created, an optical balancing work was carried out to ensure that all the full and empty spaces were in balance with each other.
Griglia di costruzione per il logo dell'azienda Omegrana Daniele Fumanti web designer e graphic designer